Cooking, Food Preservation, and Educational Classes

Class Dates, Times, & Descriptions

2016 Food Preservation & Cooking Classes and Workshops

Below is a description of our 2016 food preservation & cooking classes and workshops.  Our classes are taught by a variety of local instructors.  Classes are held in our on farm commercial kitchen which is attached to our farm market.  Please call or email with any questions!  You may register online by here or by calling 717-677-8411.



Basic Cheese Making

Saturday, February 27


Instructor: Melanie Dietrich Cochran

Price Per Participant: $40    

Come join experienced cheese maker Melanie Dietrich Cochran from Keswick Creamery for a fun day making your own cheese!  Make a few simple cheeses that you can easily make in your kitchen like ricotta, feta and brie.   Learn about the important steps in cheesemaking, where to get supplies, and how to source good milk.  There will be a discussion on the aging and affinage of the cheeses made.   Learn how to interpret a cheese recipe from any book.   A tasting of locally made cheeses is included and a discussion on food and beverage pairings with cheeses. 


Sauerkraut 101 and Ginger Carrots

Saturday, March 19


Instructor: Mary Ann Oyler

Price Per Participant: $25

Learn the basic technique and health benefits of making Sauerkraut on your own.  During this hands on class, participants will make sauerkraut using organic, local cabbage, carrots, and apples.  Also learn how to make fermented ginger carrots.  Each participant will go home with a jar of kraut and fermented ginger carrots.  Great for a healthy gut! 


Organic Gardening Lunch and Learn

Saturday, April 2


Price Per Participant: $25  

Do you plant your own garden every year or looking to plant one for the first time?  Would you like to build the health of the soil to produce nutrient dense produce?  Join us for short, educational presentation to get your growing season off to a bountiful start! Elaine Lemmon is a certified organic farmer and owner of local Everblossom Farm.  Elaine will talk about soil preparation, seed selection, and diseases common in an organic garden.   Lunch is included in price featuring local, organic food items: pulled BBQ chicken sandwich, applesauce cup, apple cider, and spelt crackers.



Paint Saturday + Cheese Tasting

Saturday, April 16


Instructor: Under the Horizon

Price Per Participant: $35  

Would you like to tap into your creative side and be able to paint your own artwork?  Come to our farm to enjoy a fun day of painting instructed by local Under the Horizon!  No experience is necessary!  All the supplies and instruction you need to create your own 16 x 20 canvas masterpiece will be provided. The picture will be a spring apple blossom and honey bee.  Local cheese tasting plate is included in your price!



Floral Design Workshop

Saturday, June 4


Instructor: Michelle Elston

Price per Participant: $25

Come lean how to arrange flowers from your garden and natural surroundings.  Michelle Elston from Roots Flower Farm will help attendees create their own natural-style arrangements, giving style and design tips as well as discussing mechanics.  Suggestions on best flowers to grow and post-harvest care will be included.  All flowers will be provided.  Bring two of your favorite flower vases, as well as a pair of small pruners/nippers.  Go home with your own floral creation! 


Zumba at the Farm

Saturday, June 11


Instructor: Colleen Rebert

Price Per Participant: $5

Join experienced Zumba instructor Colleen Rebert at our farm for a fun one hour Zumba class!   Experienced and non-experienced participants are welcomed!  Every participant will receive 10% off their purchase at our farm market that day.


Paint Saturday "Me and Mini Me"

Saturday, July 16


Instructor: Under the Horizon

Price Per Participant: $25  

Would you like to spend a creative day with your child, grandchild, or special little one in your life?    Come to our farm to enjoy a fun day of painting instructed by local Under the Horizon!  No experience is necessary!  All the supplies and instruction you need to create your own 11 X 14 canvas masterpiece will be provided.  The picture will be a moo cow. The outline you will be painting is a cow and calf.  All ages are welcome, but please consider that you will be sitting two hours.  Parents may share a canvas with their child and pay for 1 person (please let us know when you reserve your spot).  


Let’s Preserve

Saturday, July 30


Instructor: Mary Ann Oyler

Price Per Participant: $35

Learn to preserve food safely and correctly.  This will be a hands-on class where you will learn the basics of home canning and practice your canning skills as a beginner or experienced preserver. Learn the proper canning procedures for basic foods (meats, squash, beans, etc.) and acidic foods (tomatoes, pickles, peaches etc.).  Come learn the safe techniques and the basics to preserving healthy food using a pressure canner.  Gather some great recipes for pickles, salsa, and fruit!



Home Pizzeria

Saturday, August 6


Instructor: Mary Ann Oyler

Price Per Participant: $30

*Please note, $30 price is for both an adult and child.  If an adult and child are attending, you only need to register for "one".

Learn how to make a yummy homemade pizza complete with toppings.  Participants will go home with rising dough ready to be completed and baked at home.  Class made pizza will be enjoyed at the end of class.  Great class for adults and children.  Tasting of quick spelt pizza as well!


A is for Applesauce

Saturday, November 5


Instructor: Mary Ann Oyler

Price Per Participant: $50  

Come make your own organic applesauce to enjoy all year round in our spacious commercial kitchen!  Participants will help cook the apples and can the sauce.   Use our commercial equipment to save time and produce a lot of sauce.  No need for time consuming hand turning sieves.  Learn how to make apple butter too! Each participant will go home with 12 jars of organic applesauce.  We’ll supply the apples, jars, and lids.


Fire Cider

Saturday, December 3


Instructor: Jillian Carnrick

Price per Participant: $25

Fire Cider is a traditional remedy with deep roots in folk medicine. Fire cider is apple cider vinegar infused with a variety of natural ingredients to help boost immune system and fight of winter colds. Join Jillian owner of The Dancing Herbalist for a hands on educational class. Please bring along your favorite knife and cutting board.    


Christmas Ornament Party

Saturday, December 10


Instructor: Mary Ann Oyler

Price Per Participant: $15  

Did you know that applesauce makes beautiful, natural Christmas ornaments?  Come to our Christmas party to make your own applesauce cinnamon ornaments.  Participants will make their own applesauce dough, roll it out, and cut out ornaments.  All ages are welcome!  Warm apple cider and homemade cookies are included.  Participants will take home ornaments for their tree or give as gifts!



Meet our Instructors

Michelle Elston farmer and owner of Roots Cut Flower Farm, in Carlisle PA, specializes in local flowers for weddings & events and offers farm-fresh bouquets at Wegmans and Karns supermarkets.  Michelle, and the flower gang, celebrate each season's beauty and bounty by only using flowers grown on the farm in all their designs.  

Melanie Dietrich Cochran, farmer and owner of Keswick farm, grew up milking Jersey cows on her parents’ farm.  She returned to the farm after graduating from Va Tech, and helped to milk while working off-farm.  Her first PASA conference in 1997 introduced her to cheesemaking and in 2001, she began making cheese and farming full-time.    Melanie, along with her family, make 22 varieties of aged, raw milk and fresh cheeses.  They sell their cheeses at farmers’ markets, restaurants, and stores throughout MD, PA, and VA.  Keswick Creamery cheeses have won numerous medals, most recently a red ribbon for the Blue Suede Moo at the 2015 PA Farm Show.    

Colleen Rebert is a local Zumba instructor that teaches weekly classes at the Gettysburg YWCA and Oakside Park Community Center.  She has a strong passion for sharing Zumba with new and experienced participants.  Zumba is a Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that can easily be learned!  

Mary Ann Oyler is owner of Oyler’s Organic Farms & Market along with her husband, William.  Mary Ann had a degree in home economics and has years of experience teaching food preservation classes while she worked for Penn State as a home economist. 

Elaine Lemmon is owner and farmer of Everblossom Farm in East Berlin, PA.  She operates a CSA year round with pick up sites in Harrisburg, York, Carlisle, and northern Maryland.  Elaine grows a variety of certified organic vegetables out in the field as well as green houses. The farm raises all of their own vegetable plants from seed  without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  Furthermore, Everblossom Farm limits their reliance on external sources by making their own compost, refusing to use black plastic sheeting over the soil, and growing all winter in a passive solar greenhouse that needs no back up heat source.

Jillian Carnrick is an herbalist located in Frederick, Maryland.  She owns and operates The Dancing Herbalist where she helps people heal themselves through a variety of methods. Jillian also creates and sells a variety of natural salves and creams.