Apple Varieties


The Braeburn apple ripens the fourth week of October.  It is crisp and sweet/tart.


Our Fuji apples ripen the fourth week of October along with the Braeburn variety.

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious is our second variety to ripen.  It ripens around the third week of September. 

Golden Supreme

Golden Supreme is currently our first apple to ripen in the fall.  They ripen the first week of September.

Ida Red

The Ida Red apple ripens the first week of October.  It makes a very pretty pink sauce when the apples are cooked with the skins on.  It is on the tart side and soft side.

Red Delicious

Red Delicious ripens just after Golden Delicious during the fourth week of September. 


The York apple ripens around the third week of October.  It is a hard apple and stores extremely well.  It is not sweet and not tart. 

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Uses For Our Apples

Many of our customers ask us what our apples are best used for.  Our response is that our apples are all-purpose apples.  Yes, Red Delicious apples are traditionally fresh eating apples...however our cousin swears by Red Delicious for making apple butter.  You can make a straight sauce out of any variety.  Frequently we combine different varieties in sauce or in recipies to combine the unique, delicious flavors of our various varieties into every bite!  It is difficult to characterize the flavor of an apple, and if you search the internet you will find various descriptions.  We suggest that you try every variety we have so you know what you like based upon your first-hand taste testing!